Frustrated by energy bills?

Have an existing solar system and still getting bills ?
Had a good feed in rate but now seeing it disappear?

A quality solar system and battery storage system will stop all the variations in billing, brown outs and the constant stress associated with each bill.

The actual cost of power hasn’t increased dramatically what has increase is the service charges for reading the meters and billing, so while the actual cost of power has remained relatively stable the overall costs have increase. Ergon is proposing to have a tariff 12A Residential Time of use, this is between the hours of 3Pm and 9.30Pm during December, January, February the cost of electricity as of 1st July 2016 will be $0.61Kwh The existing tariff 11 Residential as of 1st July 2016 $0.27 previous to 1st July 2016 the rate was 24.6c Kwh. . The daily Supply charge on Tariff 12A is $1.10 per day and Tariff 11 is $0.98. On tariff 11 if you used 326Kw the Supply Charge would be the same as your energy chargers. Energex have also applied to the energy regulator to allow for similar rate changes, if ERGON is approved I can’t see any reason Energex wouldn’t be approved.
A quality solar system and battery storage system will stop all the variations in billing, brown outs and the constant stress associated with each bill, battery storage with a standalone solar system does cost money and in the end you will won the system more than can be said for the energy companies and the retailers who just keep adding fees and associated costs.
Solar bonus Scheme, the solar bonus scheme if you had your solar system installed before 10 July 2015 will remain in place. Customers in regional Queensland with an eligible solar power system can access the regional feed in rate for the power they export to the network – the rate from the 1st july 2016 is currently $0.07448 per Kwh exported, this is subject to annual review by the Queensland Competition Authority. See the link below for more details: LINK

If you were using 21 kw hours each day on average you would need around 6kw of solar which produces on average 24kwh each day, if we were to weight the use to 70% at night you would need to store 14.7Kwh during the day leaving you with 6.3Kwh to use during the day for fridges and things that need constant power when on standby.

The graph below shows typical energy use for most homes you can see the surplus Solar that would go to grid unless you install a battery storage system.
The inclusion of a battery storage system will enable you to capture the energy you produced from your solar system and stop the energy companies getting cheap power from you and reselling it to your neighbor for a much higher rate.

Let the solar system and batteries do the heavy lifting, installing a off grid or grid connect battery storage system will secure your cost of energy and stop the ever increasing burden of power price increases.







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